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Special Care Range

Special Care Range - Natural Balance | Premium pet food made in AustraliaThe Special Care range is scientifically formulated for dogs and cats that have special needs or food sensitivities. Made from low allergy ingredients, each formula is boosted with Omega Magic™ oil blend and prebiotics to assist your pet regain or maintain natural balance.

We use only the most natural, high quality and novel ingredients available in Australia.

As pets with special dietary needs require a treat designed to suit them, we have recently released a Hypoallergenic Dental Treat carefully crafted for these very special pets.

This range has been expanded to include a Delicate Care™ Dental Diet for Dogs. The Delicate Care™ Dental Diet for dogs is scientifically formulated to provide complete and balanced nutrition while promoting dental health. As an added benefit it is also a hypoallergenic, limited ingredient diet based on Salmon Meal and Sorghum.

Special Care Range – for dogs and cats with special needs or food sensitivities

Most commercial pet foods use corn or gluten-based grains as a base. We proudly use Australian-grown whole sorghum as a highly digestible base instead, paired with prime Australian kangaroo and duck as the main protein sources in Delicate Care™ Skin or Stomach and Mobility. By eliminating the most common food allergens our aim is to stimulate and maintain your pet’s healthy immune system naturally.


Delicate Care™ Skin or Stomach for dogs is scientifically formulated for dogs with sensitive skin or digestive systems.

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Delicate Care™ Mobility dog food provides the nourishment they need for healthy joints. For extra support for your four-footed friend.

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Delicate Care™ Skin or Stomach for cats is scientifically formulated to nourish and support cats with sensitive skin or digestive systems.

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