Our Values: Supporting complete health with science, integrity and quality

In order for Australian pets to live a long, healthy and happy life, they need a complete and balanced diet that supports all of their key functions.

It’s our mission at Natural Balance to meet these needs with the most nutritious, healthy, natural and great tasting pet food for Australian pets so that they can reach their full potential. But in order to produce a superior product that enriches and lengthens the bond between pet and owner, we need to do things differently.

That’s why we’re driven by three key principles that inform all of our operations.

We put your pets first not profits

From our ingredients to our packaging, all that goes into the making of our pet food passes through a stringent quality control process to ensure consistency. Our expert team personally source and buy all of our ingredients, and choose to support local suppliers rather than shop on cost alone. Where an ingredient isn’t available, we prefer to delay production rather than substitute with a cheaper alternative. This ensures that our pet foods contain exactly what it says on the bag, in the exact quantities as in every other batch. And we keep all of our products at a competitive price, making natural health for pets more accessible to the Australian public.


We believe that the proof in our products lies within the science behind it. By working closely with one of Australia’s leading nutritionists, we’re able to proudly and truthfully stand by our effective products. All pets involved in our feeding trials are cared for in a safe and attentive environment, and are not held in laboratories or testing facilities. We work alongside our trusted network of veterinarians and breeders, and do not perform any research that would jeopardise the health, happiness, comfort or lifespan of any animal. We do not support nor endorse invasive animal testing!

We’re passionate about teaching our customers and our resellers how to care for their pets naturally, and are open and transparent so that they can be as informed as possible.


We understand that you’re not just interested in whether your pet’s natural food tastes great, but also need assurance that it’s been formulated so that your best friend meets their energy and nutritional needs. At Natural Balance, all our recipes are scientifically created by Dr. Costa to guarantee that each formula complies with sound nutritional principles. Our superior, natural pet food products are the result of working together for almost 20 years, using only the highest quality ingredients and proven science for a guaranteed complete and balanced diet. Our local formulas are designed specifically for Australian pets, our unique climate, and our lifestyle.

Proven results for healthy, happy Australian pets

Through almost 20 years of developing science-based, natural dog and cat food, we’re confident that our unique hypoallergenic formulas will enhance your pet’s wellbeing and vitality.

Australian made and owned

Our Delicate Care™ range of natural pet food is made in Perth, Western Australia, inside our affiliated HACCP-certified manufacturing facilities.  We choose to keep our operations on shore because of our country’s high standard of health and safety. We use Australian ingredients that are sustainable, and work closely with export-certified suppliers to deliver supreme quality.

What our values mean for you

We’re dedicated to producing an outstanding product that strengthens the bond between pet and owner. We Care! You are assured peace of mind knowing you are feeding them the best. Because we understand that unique relationship, we never compromise on our standards. And that’s why we are confident and proud of our formulas, and why our customers and veterinary partners are too.