Our Story – Natural Balance:
About the company behind Australia’s premium natural pet brand


Our Story - Natural Balance | all natural pet food made in AustraliaThe Natural Balance™ story begins in 1997, when the owners of an Australian export company were met with a unique challenge to find a tailor-made dry dog food by a Japanese company. The search was on for an Australian manufacturer to assist.

Our challenge was in finding one that was able to meet the high standards required by the Japanese market:

The food had to be 100% natural, complete, balanced, hypoallergenic, and designed to reduce litter box odour and bulk, a must for domestic pets.

Meeting Dr. Nick Costa

After finding a manufacturing company in Perth, our team was paired with Dr. Nick Costa, who at that time was the Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Nutrition at Murdoch University School of Veterinary and Biomedical Science. The science-based formula created by Dr. Costa completely met the brief of the Japanese clients, all without compromising on quality, value and nutrition. The result was a great-tasting range of natural pet foods designed to maintain all key functions of domestic pets for a long, happy and healthy life.

Nourishing Australian pets, naturally

Manufacturing of our Super Premium maintenance formulas began in 1998, with samples also supplied to fellow pet lovers, local Perth breeders and veterinarians. Without exception, these pets loved the Natural Balance™ energy formulas, and continued to thrive after leaving their litters. Because of the demand, we started to supply breeders with our natural pet food products each time we manufactured our formulas for Japan. The breeders wanted their animals to continue with their highly nutritious maintenance diet once they found their new homes, and so Natural Balance™ was born and registered as an Australian company.

Today, we enrich the lives and bonds between pet and pet owner, helping them both to live long and happy lives together.

Without exception, the Dogs loved Natural Balance™

Delicate Care™ range

In 2012, we launched our Delicate Care™ range of Special Diets for pets with sensitive skin and digestive systems. While still adhering to our values and using a premium blend of quality ingredients, the Delicate Care™ range is proven to assist with skin and stomach conditions using natural, balanced and complete formulas suitable as elimination diets.

Brand Consolidation

Delicate Care™ proved to be a huge success with veterinary customers because of the quality and efficacy of the formulas. However the Super Premium range of maintenance formulas was not always recognised as having the same delicate care for pets because it had a different brand name. So in 2016 we consolidated the two brands into specific ranges for maintenance and special diets, under the one brand name: Delicate Care™

Today, our Natural Balance™ Delicate Care™ products are distributed Australia-wide through Cenvet exclusively under the Delicate Care™ brand, and can be found in all good vet clinics.

Why Natural Balance?