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 Maintenance Range

Discover what natural, complete and balanced nutrition can do for your dog! Whatever your dog’s shape or size, one of our three hypoallergenic formulations will be a perfect match!

Using a scientific approach mixed with our personal care and love of pets, we’ve ensured that our natural pet foods contain all the necessary building blocks for optimum health and happiness.

Maintenance Range – for dogs with low, regular and high energy levels

Our Maintenance range of natural dog foods meet all of the daily requirements for a complete diet that will help your friend stay healthy and active.


Delicate Care™ High Energy dog food is ideal if your dog naturally uses up a lot of energy while growing, nursing puppies, working or enjoying life to its fullest. Packed with natural Australian ingredients, full of flavour and high in calories, this product has superior nutrition, optimum energy and carefully balanced calcium levels.

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Delicate Care™ Regular Energy dog food provides a superior balance of nutrition and energy, making it the perfect choice for your normally active adult dogs. Our veterinary endorsed formula has been expertly refined
by our expert food scientists to keep your
adult dog at peak condition.

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Delicate Care™ Lite Energy dog food provides a nutritionally complete diet with a lighter calorie load, ensuring your dog feels satisfied, energetic and happy. Less active dogs benefit from nutritionally-dense, low calorie food that keeps them in peak condition, while maintaining their health and helping them achieve ideal weight.

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