Premium Pet Food, Premium Packaging

Prime ingredients, and nothing harmful…including our packaging

We’re passionate about food science and leading-edge research and development, and this flows through to every part of our natural dog and cat food products.

That’s why our premium products – and your best friend – deserve premium pet food packaging, using state-of-the art technology to maximise freshness, safety, taste and shelf life. Naturally, of course.

Why is our packaging superior?

We want to ensure that our products are as safe and as palatable as possible. That’s why we take preventative measures to stop humidity, light and oxygen from altering your pet’s new favourite meal. All of our bags are de-aired on-site in WA during packing in order to remove as much oxygen in the bag as possible. The products are then sealed in a high-grade multi-layered plastic laminated bag to keep the products fresh and safe. These bags feature a metalised layer in the middle, acting as an extra protective layer.

This metalised layer keeps pets happy and healthy by keeping out as much oxygen, light and water vapour as possible. When too much is let in, bacteria and fungi can grow and spoil the food, often leading to illness.

We also make sure each and every bag features an oxygen-absorber pad to absorb extra oxygen that may lead to rancidity. These are non-toxic, containing just iron, calcium carbonate, carbon and salt.

No artificial preservatives

Most commercial pet food contains preservatives to maintain a long shelf life, such as BHT, BHA and Ethoxyquin.  These are synthetic antioxidants that have no place in our Delicate Care™ formulations. We want all pets to thrive, naturally, so we keep all potentially harmful ingredients and additives out of our products.

To preserve our natural pet food without the use of synthetic additives, we use natural antioxidants in the form of Vitamin E and Rosemary Extracts. This natural theme is carried through the careful sourcing of our raw materials. The only side effect is an empty bowl.