Quality and Natural Ingredients Pet Food:
For Optimal Health and Wellbeing

Natural Ingredients Pet Food - Natural Balance AustraliaJust as you savour a diet rich in wholesome, complete and balanced foods for optimal health, so too does your pet get the best out of life with nourishment that’s formulated to enhance their wellbeing.

We believe in offering a complete diet rich in natural, premium ingredients, so there’s no need for additional supplements.

Complete, balanced, natural ingredients pet food

At Delicate Care, our main care is ensuring we find the best nutritional solution for your pet. Working alongside one of Australia’s most esteemed nutritionists, we’ve produced an optimal blend of all the essential nutrients your four-footed friend needs to thrive. We’ve also proudly made our products completely free from artificial colours, artificial flavours, and artificial preservatives, allowing pets with the most sensitive stomachs and immune systems to enjoy every bite without irritation.

Your pet’s health needs are our #1 priority

Our formulas are proven to provide Australian pets of all breeds with all of their nutritional and energy needs. From a shiny coat and supple skin, to a strong immune system and digestive system, our natural pet foods are formulated using a nourishing blend of vital vitamins and minerals – all without the need for supplements.

Shiny Coat and Healthy Skin

Our entire Delicate Care™ range of natural pet food contains Omega Magic™, a proprietary blend of high grade Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential oils. This balanced and potent blend contains nothing but flax seed oil, fish oil, sunflower and canola oils.

Reduces odours, naturally

Yucca Schidigera, a natural plant extract, aids in reducing body and faecal odours, ideal for indoor pets with uncovered litter trays.

Healthy immune system

Our entire Delicate Care™ range contains a special blend of natural prebiotics  for healthy long-term intestinal health, vital for a robust immune system.  FOS (Fructo-Oligo-Saccharides) encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria like bifidobacteria in the gut. Beta-glucans and MOS (Mannan-Oligo-Saccharides) extracted from yeast supports your pet’s immune function.

Lean animal proteins

Our natural pet food formulas use novel Australian meat proteins such as kangaroo, duck and lamb personally sourced by us. Compared to other meats, kangaroo, duck and lamb are highly digestible and low allergenic, making them a superior source of the 11 essential amino acids your pet needs for lean muscles to grow and play.

Naturally preserved

Just as we care what ingredients are in your pet’s food, we keep a firm eye on how we preserve and package our products too. Our entire Delicate Care™ range is preserved using natural antioxidants, including Vitamin E and Rosemary extract. This keeps our products fresh, stable and enjoyable for your pet, all without unnecessarily exposing them to harmful products. We put your pets first, not profits.

No salt (sodium chloride) is added to Delicate Care™ products. Salt, if present in our formulations, is naturally occurring.

Quality control, from check-point to check-point

Our entire range of Delicate Care™ products are made using all-natural, GMO Free Australian ingredients* from our trusted suppliers. All raw materials are inspected for quality by our team ensuring that only the highest of quality ingredients make it to your pet’s bowl. Every part of the supply chain has been personally overseen by our team, and not outsourced to an external party. Because we care about what goes in your and our pet’s bowl, just like you do.

*We strive to support the Australian economy by sourcing our ingredients from Australian suppliers. Where this is not possible due to availability or seasonal constraints, we reluctantly  source from HACCP accredited suppliers overseas.