Australian Made Pet Food for a nation of pet lovers

We source locally and purchase ingredients ourselves

There’s only one way to know if the ingredients you’re using in your products are of a superior quality – source and assess them yourself. Our dedicated team of pet experts source and buy all of the nutrient-dense ingredients that go on to become your pet’s favourite meal. We only partner with HACCP certified suppliers, who all have to comply with our stringent specifications and standards. Where an ingredient is not available, we prefer to delay production and wait rather than compromise on quality.

Made on the sunny shores of Perth, WA

We are based in Perth, Western Australia, and so is our affiliated HACCP-certified manufacturing facility. We believe that in order to make the best tasting, nutritious pet foods that enhance every aspect of your pet’s health and happiness, we need to work closely with our partners, and fully understand the process from farm to food bowl. By keeping all of our operations onshore, we’re committed to supporting the Australian agricultural and manufacturing sectors. We’re able to confidently and accurately ensure the quality, safety and taste of all of our natural pet food products.

Palatability and satisfaction, guaranteed

Once we’ve purchased our ingredients, we then focus on making the perfect kibble for optimum palatability. All of our products are manufactured using scientific, nutrient-dense and veterinarian-approved formulas to ensure that pets enjoy the most nutritious, balanced and complete diets that meet and safely exceeds AAFCO nutrient profiles.

We love all pets

We know that Australians are passionate about the wellbeing of not just their pets, but other animals too. We don’t perform any invasive testing on animals, nor do we keep animals in laboratories or testing facilities. When we develop our products, we work with breeders and veterinarians who can professionally and clinically prove the efficacy of our products  all without cruelty. We rely on their expertise and care, just like your pets do.