Complete nutrition for pets

Complete Nutrition for Pets - Natural BalanceYou eat a balanced, nutritious diet, so why treat your best friend any differently? We understand that prevention is the very best cure, and food is the greatest and safest medicine. This is why our natural, science-based pet food formulas use the best
natural Australian ingredients, combined with the most up-to-date nutritional science.

Our Delicate Care™ range has been scientifically formulated by leading Australian nutritionist, Dr. Nick Costa, ensuring that your furry friend receives only the highest of quality, complete nutrition. This means your pet gets a prime balance of nutrients and energy, all rigorously trialed and tested for functionality, and of course, taste. No supplements are required. The result? A long, happy and healthy life, and an empty bowl.

Our goal is your goal – to keep your pets full of life,
for longer

With almost 20 years experience of making natural pet foods in Australia and working side-by-side a team of pet experts, we’ve mastered a range of complete nutrition for cats and dogs all without the need for synthetic supplements. Our mission is simple: we want the very best for Australian companion animals. And the way to achieve this is to provide veterinarians and animal lovers with the right nutrition and information for their pets to thrive.

What is complete nutrition for pets?

In order to improve quality of life, we all need to meet the daily requirements for our essential nutrients. Using a scientific approach mixed with our personal care and love of pets, we’ve ensured that our natural pet foods contain all the necessary building blocks for optimum health and happiness.

You’ll find that our natural dog and cat foods meet all of the daily requirements for a complete diet that will help your friend stay healthy and active.

What is balanced nutrition for pets?

Our natural pet foods don’t just meet the minimum dietary requirements – we ensure that all of our nutrient dense products contain a balanced combination of essential nutrients. By ensuring our natural pet food products have the right proportion of essential nutrients, we’ve ensured that nutrient uptake is at optimum levels, with all ingredients. No need for additional supplements.

Who decides what’s best for animals?

Complete and balanced nutrition is a subject that we’re passionate about, along with enriching the bond between pet owners and their best friends. That’s why we work with Dr. Nick Costa who is one of Australia’s most well respected nutritionists, right here in Western Australia.

To ensure that our products provide complete and balanced nutrition and meet healthy and safety standards, we also work with:

  • HACCP certified manufacturing facilities
  • Independent HACCP auditors who ensure our production facilities meet food safety standards.
  • Export-certified suppliers.
  • State-of-the art packaging specialists, so that your pet won’t come into contact with any harmful substances.
  • Informed and passionate pet advocates and veterinarians around Australia.

AAFCO Standards

All of our products meet and safely exceed the international standard of nutrient specifications as set out by the Association of American Feed Control Officials. AAFCO are the internationally accepted official body for recommending nutrient requirements for pets, and they rely on an international panel of nutrition experts to decide upon the nutritional recommendations for dogs and cats to ensure optimum wellness.