Natural Balance™ – Natural Pet Food

Nourishing a long, healthy and happy life for your pet. Naturally with Natural Balance.

You value every moment spent with your pet. And we want you to have many, many more of them over the course of their long, healthy and happy lives.

At Natural Balance, we are passionate about your best friend’s long, healthy and happy life too.

Through working with many of Australia’s leading veterinarians and pet nutritionists for almost 20 years, we’ve developed a natural, balanced and complete range of pet food products. Our promise is to enhance your pet’s energy, vitality and potential via a balance of premium ingredients designed to give your friend the best life they deserve.

Natural Balance – Optimised nutrition from the experts who care

Our recipes are created by Dr. Nick Costa, an emeritus Professor at one of Australia’s leading veterinary schools.  Our formulas are safe, highly digestible, fortified with essential vitamins and minerals, and designed to promote optimum wellbeing.

Produced using locally sourced ingredients within our affiliated HACCP-certified manufacturing facility, we’re able to oversee every step of the process to ensure premium quality. We deliver nothing but great-tasting, wholesome and world-class formulas to nourish your pet naturally.

Recommended by breeders and veterinarians Australia-wide for
pets with sensitive skin and stomachs

We work closely with breeders and veterinarians to trial our products and assess the results. Without exception, these happy, healthy and well-loved test subjects love the great taste that comes from premium, natural nutrition. Their coats are softer and glossier, their skin improved and sensitive stomachs soothed naturally.

Today, Natural Balance, with our Delicate Care™ range of products, provides families of happy Australian and international pet owners with superior nutrition that’s perfect for skin and stomach conditions.

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